This Day in History: 1982-09-04

First Dansville Balloon Festival takes off

As part of the 9th Annual “Oktoberfest”, the “Greit Oktoberfest Balloon Race” sponsored by James H. Jackson Hose Co., takes off from Babcock Park and Rotary Field in Dansville, NY. 18 colorful Hot Air Balloons sponsored by local businesses listed below.

Wentworth Motors
Dansville Chrysler-Plymouth
Dansville Dodge
Jackson Hose Co.
Channel 10 TV Rochester
Bradley TV, Cable Service
Ideal Lumber and Hardware
Jack's Place
Main Tire Exchange
U. S. Army Recruiting Service
Dansville Auto Parts
Gallery Home Furnishings
First National Bank of Wayland
West Beer Distributors, Lakeville
C & R. Food Service, Mt. Morris
Radio Station WVOR, Rochester
Matthews Buses Inc.
Vitale Bros. Contractors, Geneseo.

September 6, 1982

A thousand air-filled balloons, some carrying gift certificates for prizes, rained down on Main St. Friday, August 6th 1982 after Carroll Teitsworth of Groveland took off in his hot-air balloon from the business district in a promotion for the Dansville Business Association’s annual Sidewalk Days last week. The light was sponsored also by the Jackson Hose Co. to promote its ninth annual Oktoberfest and the first “Greit Oktoberfest Balloon Race” all during Labor Day weekend starting Sept. 3, 1982.

The balloon ascension was the first in over 50 years off Main St. whenin 1928 Edgar W. “Red” Allen (twin brother of Edward B. aka Captain Eddie Allen) of Dansville took off on a trapeze bar suspended beneath a prototype of today’s balloon’s.

The Rally in the Valley as it was known since 1987, gained recognition from Albany, NY, and created the New York State Festival of Balloons in 1997.