This Day in History: 1915-07-27

First Boy Scout Troop formed

Troop 1

First Boy Scout Troop formed in Dansville, NY.  Troop 1 included 14 boys when it was initially formed.  Over seeing the first Troop in Dansville was Scoutmaster Richard H. Rover who was assisted by Harold Fowler.  Tenderfoot Rank was earned by Robert Beecher, Harold Deuel, Elroy Wilber, Theodor McNair and Paul Clise.  The Boy Scouts first appeared in uniform during Sunday School at there chartered organization, Presbyterian Church, on Sunday Aug 8, 1915.

Patrol member for Owl were Robert Beecher, Howard McKay, Fred Welch, Donald Alverson, Clinton Hall, Elroy Wilber, Robert Stout and Donald Wilber.  Wolf, Theodor McNair, Wesley Wells, Kenneth Gardner, Robert Campell, Ralph Gibbs, Harold Barnard, Tom Lemen and Will Folts. Fox, Harold Deuel, Paul Clise, George Clise, Karl Hubbell, Theodor Acomb and George Thompson.

Original Boy Scouts of America emblem