This Day in History: 1882-06-26

“Our Home on the Hillside” burns down

An over turned oil lamp on the third floor was all it took to start the fire that brought down the original wooden “Water Cure” in June of 1882. Dr. James Caleb Jackson was the first to sustain a water-cure business here. He had many patients come under his care during the 24 years at “Our Home”. Each year was practically more successful than the one before.

Liberty Hall (at left in above photo), which was designed by J. C. Jackson’s oldest son Giles, was able to be saved and was in service for many more years.

Do to the success of this business, under the direction of James H. Jackson, they decided to rebuild.  And rebuild they did, with a structure that was advertised as “Absolutely Fire-proof”  With this new chapter would come a new name, “The Sanatorium”.



We invite the attention of the Medical Profession to certain facilities offered by the Sanatorium at Dansville New York for cases of nervous prostration or patients needing quiet rest and recuperation with medical care and oversight.

This establishment offers an unequalled combination of natural advantages therapeutic appliances and favorable conditions for the treatment of the sick.  It comprises a magnificent main building and nine cottages situated in a woodland park on the eastern mountain slope overlooking the valley town and beautiful hills beyond . The location is unsurpassed for scenery healthful climate pure air and water Malaria utterly unknown.  No mosquitoes or other insect pests.

The new main building three hundred feet long and absolutely fire-proof is designed to meet every need not merely of the invalid but also those who seek simply rest and quiet It is complete in all its sanitary details.  It has light airy rooms safety elevator electric bells throughout perfect sewerage best modern appliances in culinary department abundant varied and well prepared dietary.  It has extensive apartments for hydropathic treatment arranged to secure individual privacy.  All forms of baths electricity massage’s are scientifically administered.  The apparatus for Dr. Taylor’s Swedish Movements and a superior Holtz machine for Statical Electricity arc special features.

The Sanatorium is under the personal care and management of a permanent staff of experienced physicians all graduates of the best regular schools in America.  Skilled attendants minister to every need . Not least among its advantages is the opportunity for out-door life and freedom from the taxations of fashionable life.

Dansville is easily reached from all parts of New England. There is but one change of cars from Boston.  An illustrated descriptive pamphlet sent free on application Address the Medical Superintendents


After several years it would be changed to “The Jackson Sanatorium”. With competition popping up all over I think they wanted people to be sure that this was the well-renowned Jackson Health Institution that heard about.