This Day in History: 1876-05-29

Clara Barton comes to live in Dansville, NY

Clara Barton is the most well know person to have ever lived in Dansville, NY. A lecture brought Clara to Dansville, New York for the first time in December of 1866. She was raising funds for the Office of Correspondence, that would communicate with the families of service men during the time of war. After returning to America exhausted; from what was supposed to be a vacation in Europe, where she learned of the International Red Cross Treaty; she came back to Dansville in 1873 as a patient of Dr. James C. Jackson at “Our Home on the Hillside”. The “Angel of the Battle Field” lived here until March 15, 1886. In 1881 she organized the first local branch of the American National Society of the Red Cross. She was instrumental in the Red Cross being recognized by Congress and its incorporation as a national institution. A reception to Clara Barton was held at Presbyterian Hall on February 24, 1886 prior to her going to Washington.